Top 5 Processional Songs in Charlotte, NC!

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Huskey AMA Events Top 5 Series

Top 5 Processional Songs in Charlotte, NC!

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Often times our DJ’s at Huskey AMA Events assist clients with finding that one song that conveys the exact message they need to send to the crowd. Specifically, in regards to weddings, this is so important as many events happen throughout the ceremony and reception that need that extra touch to make it more special. Guests at weddings may not directly realize the connection between the event and the particular song played, but we all know songs subconsciously elicit certain emotions and feelings that are unforgettable. What’s important is the what they feel during the moment that keeps them talking about it forever. With that said, here is Part One of our Top 5 Series where we will give you some assistance choosing that perfect song for your wedding days’ special events such as the processional, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and more! In this episode, we cover the Top 5 Processional Songs used at weddings.


#1 – Cannon in D by Pachbel

You can’t go wrong with keeping things traditional. For years Pachbell’s Cannon in D has been ringing through church sanctuaries. Over the years as wedding ceremonies have progressed away from being held in churches, you will still here Cannon in D as the processional song in quite a few ceremonies. There are even more modern renditions of this song if you’d like to take some of the traditional edge off.


#2 – A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys (Christina Perri Cover)

Many of your favorite songs may sound better if covered instrumentally by a band or just a few instruments. In this case, Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years sounds way better with just piano and cello. Since The Piano Guys debuted their version, the song has been used in countless weddings for not only processionals, but other special events as well.


#3 – Marry Me by Train

Yet another that sounds great how it is, but also loved by many as an instrumental. Not only have our DJs spun this song on quite a number of occasions, but our live musicians have played the instrumental version or sung this song for dozens of weddings. This is such a great tune with the right amount of zest that sets the perfect mood for the start of a wedding ceremony.


#4 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ

Ever seen the movie 50 First Dates? Maybe, maybe not, but I bet you have heard this song. This rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is now more popular than the movie! This song is great for light-hearted weddings, with close and intimate family members present.


#5 – River Flows in You by Yiruma

Making its way into the mainstream weddings scene, River Flows in You by Yiruma is quickly becoming a popular wedding staple. With just a single piano used, and all the right subtleties present, if you’re looking to make people cry right of the bat this is a great song to use.


That wraps up the Top 5 Processional Songs in our ongoing Top 5 Series presented to you by Huskey AMA Events. Be sure to like, comment, and/or subscribe to be notified when more free content becomes available!

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