Thanksgiving: Keeping Charlotte, NC Brides fit to stay in your wedding dress!

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Thanksgiving: Keeping Charlotte, NC Brides fit to stay in your wedding dress!

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And So the holidays are here, and all most are concerned about is family, gifts, and decorations. But there is one big subconscious joy we all truly share during the holidays. FOOD! Let’s be real here. Sure we’d like to family, and I’m positive gift giving is on your to do list. But food is also there, and you know what, that is ok.

As a Bride, one has to be careful about the amount of calories consumed. Especially, if the dress is already bought. Nothing is worse than having to resize a drsss due to over eating during the holidays. That’s why we have listed a few tips below to help Brides enjoy all the pleasure that comes with the holidays. Most importantly, food.


Just about any thing is ok in moderation. We like to use the saying, “it’s not what you eat, it’s how you eat it.” We can all agree that fast food everyday is bad, but a treat from your favorite restaurant once or twice a month is ok. So how do we moderate holiday eating?

First, we limit what we eat in one sitting. This means don’t pile up the plate, and stuff yourselves on your first plate. Many families over cook during the holidays, meaning there will be more food later. Grab a petite portion at first, allow time for digestion, the go back a few hours later for seconds. If your family devours food, maybe make a second plate to have for later during your first.


Many Brides forgo exercising during the holidays as they feel counter productive eating so much. Not true at all. Constant exercise actually helps during the holidays to help keep your metabolism up. Not only that, but the ‘afterburn effect’ helps the body burn off calories for up to 48 hours after a workout. Counter productive? I thought not.


No to indulge every time you pass by the kitchen. No need to snack all day off the ham. Most people eat on average 3 meals a day. This ramps up during the holidays increasing to some times 7 or 8 times a day! This is madness. It is important to keep your 3 times a day cycle as any excess calories are stored as fat. These extra pounds will make it hard to fit into that dress later.

This concludes our tips for Brides to stay lean and healthy during the holidays. Remember: moderation, exercise, and normality are the keys. Follow these tips, and you are sure to be ready wedding day!

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